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Pat Wagner views her novels, The Potter’s Daughter and The Legionnaire, The Lily and The Lyre, The Prophetess and The Thief, and The Winds of Pompeii as doors to time machines where you’ll enter the world of first-century women and men. Experience their joys and fears through their eyes.

To aid in the accuracy of her depiction of Rome and Judea, she studies the writings of the ancient Roman writers, Tacitus and Suetonius, and the Jewish historian, Josephus.

She lived and worked in Papua New Guinea for over a year as a short-term assistant with Wycliffe Bible Translators and adds her knowledge of that island to her novella, “The Heiress and The Ex-Con”.

Her husband Bob Wagner edits and co-writes books with her. He has a diverse background, having taught writing in high school, umpires youth through adult baseball, and coached university baseball. His special gift is adding action and suspense to ordinary scenes that transform stories into page-turning reads.

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Jerusalem: AD 28—Mutual attraction seems to blossom between seventeen-year-old Hannah and Gideon, and she falls in love with him. 

But things aren’t always as they appear. Their relationship abruptly ends after he becomes a despised publican. 

He demands inflated Roman taxes from her parents’ bakery business to enrich himself. If her father doesn’t pay in time, Gideon will confiscate their only means of income.

Hannah has a mere three weeks to help save her family from financial ruin. But can anything overturn the soon-coming catastrophe?


Sparks fly between Sabina and Jason when they first meet…

Then she learns Caligula promoted him from being a soldier to a Praetorian guard. But in that position, the emperor will probably order Jason to murdser innocent citizens, which he will refuse to do, even though his choice to disobey carries a death sentence.

Dare Sabina give her heart to a man the sadistic ruler might execute at any moment? In a fit of insane fury, he could also kill Jason’s family and friends, putting her and her father at risk as well.


July 18, 64 AD: As Rome burns, a young woman flees from the approaching flames 

From that moment on, Julia Hadrianus’s life changes forever. Before the fire, she enjoyed living the life of the extremely wealthy. But after the inferno’s destruction, everything she holds dear vanishes in smoke and flames…

Her culture is so steeped in idolatry that pagan beliefs darken her soul. But truth shines into her heart when she learns about the Creator from the Apostle Paul’s friends, Aquila and Priscilla. 

Now a believer in Jesus, she’s torn between her desire to follow the Lord and her love for the brave tribune who rescued her during the fire. 

Nero, the singing tyrant who rules the empire, considers himself a god worthy of worship. He seeks to destroy those he blames for the disaster…anyone who won’t honor him as a deity. 

If he discovers Julia’s faith in Christ, she’ll face a gruesome death in the arena. But how long can she hide from soldiers who are searching everywhere in Rome for believers?


It’s A.D. 66, and supernatural signs fill the sky above Jerusalem. Almost everyone believes they reveal the Omnipotent One’s promise to deliver the Jews from the Romans. But fifteen-year-old Miriam senses catastrophe is coming…

To her, the signs warn the time is drawing near for the fulfillment of Jesus of Nazareth’s prophecy about Jerusalem’s destruction.

Personal tragedy comes upon her amid the approaching storm, and she fears her cherished secret ambition could be lost forever. 

At the same time, Baruch, a young man who once admired her, now tests her resolve to forgive him.

If he and Miriam and her family don’t escape from Jerusalem in time, they’ll suffer with the rest of the Jews during the horror soon to come. 

But if they leave their ancestral homes, what unknown dangers will they face in a foreign land?


Rome: July A.D. 71…

Fifteen-year-old Alena’s life changes forever when her mother reveals a long-hidden secret…

After the family moves to Pompeii, her father learns the truth, forcing Alena to struggle to provide for herself and her mother…

The two of them join a small group of Christians who meet in a bakery. She finds the young pastor, Joshua, appealing. But as a single man who might never want a wife, will her growing love for him lead to heartache?

Meanwhile, the sleeping giant, Mount Vesuvius, waits in the background.


Hidden gold. An expedition teeming with danger. And an ex-con jungle guide who might lead the way to prosperity or disaster…

Rachel and her brother Dave enlist the help of playboy charmer Ethan to find their deceased uncle’s gold discovery, located deep in the heart of New Guinea. He’s the only guide willing to help them. Everything is at stake as they embark on the little-known and perilous Black Cat Trail.

Rachel tries to dismiss her sense of foreboding about their extremely attractive guide. But dare she believe Ethan’s claim that he has changed and is now a new man?

Will their journey lead to riches beyond their imagination, romance, or certain death? 


Shetland sheepdogs Max and Peanut long to go on an adventure all by themselves. But that’s impossible since they’re stuck on leashes with their owners whenever they leave their home.

Everything changes when an earthquake hits Malibu in Southern California and buries the location of Max’s bone he’d hidden in the backyard.

When the pair searches for it, they discover a mysterious tunnel leading to an unforgettable adventure.


Shetland sheepdogs Peanut and Max chase a cat from their backyard and mysteriously find themselves in a hot-air balloon…

It’s speeding far away from their home in Malibu, Southern California, with them in it as unwilling passengers.

Where are they going? 

And how do they stop this wild ride into American history?

Several selected Amazon reviews posted on Pat Wagner's Roman Empire novels

Amazing interesting and exciting.
I loved reading this book. The author keeps the reader engaged. Couldn’t put this one down. Highly recommend!! I’ll definitely be reading more from the author Pat Wagner!! Be prepared. Once you begin it’s hard to put this masterpiece down.
Well researched, and I read it in one evening. The characters are well developed and I was engrossed in the book from the first page. I'll look for more of her books.
Pat brings each and every character to life, not just with vivid details, but with emotions and passions.
A lovely story. It contains great spiritual truth and historical information that lifts it above other works. It is a story of strength coming from weakness, grace, and the power of prayer.
Well researched, and I read it in one evening. The characters are well developed and I was engrossed in the book from the first page. I'll look for more of her books.
An historical tale well done.
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